MEET 2017 26th - 27th September

Meeting Electromagnetic Engineering Technology



Start Entry
8.45 Registration/Welcome Coffee
9.15 Opening Welcome (MoD/Italian Air Force)
Gen. F. Langella - MoD/Italian Air Force
9.25 MEET 2017 Opening
G. Bardelli - IDS CEO & President
9.35 Keynote Speech
10.00 Round Table "How EM technologies boost today's world..."
Chairman : A.Cantarutti - IDS
Speakers : MentorGraphics, De Langhe - Siemens PLM, J.P. Parmantier - ONERA, M. Coltelli - National Institute for Geophysics and Vulcanology, R. Perala – EMA, S. Sikka – Nfotec
11.30 Coffe Break
12.00 Industrial IoT and the emergence of Edge Computing: Navigating the Technological Pendulum
R.Siagri - Eurotech
12.30 Realizing the Digital Twin
Jan Leuridan - Siemens PLM
13.00 Lunch
13.00 Parallel Press Conference
Speakers IDS: A. Cantarutti, M. Bandinelli, J. Leuridan, G. Manara
14.15 Franco Bardelli Foundation Awards
Giovanni Bardelli - IDS CEO & President
14.25 Award Ceremony
Francesco Butini - Franco Bardelli Foundation President
14.35 Awards speech
Fondazione Franco Bardelli Awards
15.05 Coffee Break
15.35 Technical Keynote Speech
Col. M. Rega - FFAA Italy
16.05 Metastructured RF devices: potential and challenges
M. Sabbadini - ESA
16.35 Advanced Electromagnetics for the Internet of Things and Short-Range Communications
Prof. G. Manara - Univ. of Pisa
17.05 IDS Wrap-Up
G. Bardelli / A.Cantarutti - IDS
18.15 Guided Tour of the National Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art
20.30 Gala Dinner - Location Caffè Delle Arti, Rome
Start Session 1 Session 2 Session 3 Session 4
8.30 Opening/Welcome coffee
  Topic 1 - Advancement and trends in EM modelling methods Topic 2 - Aerospace Applications Topic 3 - Radar applications IDS Tour
9.00 Algorithms, data structures and computing platforms accelerating GO/PO predictions
Chairman: Prof. A. Capozzoli - Univ. of Naples
Application of CEM to aircraft EME certification
Chairman: R. Perala - EMA
SIL4 Safety for railway infrastructure
Chairman:Dr. M. Marra - IDS
Speaker: V. Bocci - DITECFER
9.30 Surrogate modelling and parametrized model-order-reduction fo the efficient design of e.m. systems
F. Ferranti - IMT Atlantique
To Be Defined IDS radar technology for railway
P. Ruggero - IDS
10.00 Speech to be defined An on board Calibration Target for Aerospace application
M. Biggi - Pasquali MS
A novel radar system for improving the ash dispersal forecasting at Etna volcano
M. Coltelli - National Institute for Geophysics and Vulcanolgy
10.30 Coffee Break
  Topic 4 - Antennas Topic 5 - E3 and EM Spectrum Operations Topic 6 - Aerospace Applications  
11.00 Antenna Design and Technology in ThalesAlenia Space-Italia
Chairman: Dr. R. Mizzoni - Thales Alenia Space
An integrated toolbox for comprehensive and up-to-date EME assessments throughout ship design process
Chairman: Dr. T. McDonald - EMA
Speaker: J. Venrmo - SU
The EPICEA Project
Chairman:J. P. Parmantier - ONERA
Speaker - Jean-Philippe Parmantier - ONERA
11.30 Integrated Topside Design – A System Providers view
Tony Halling Reinkvist - SAAB Naval
Italian Air Force activities for RCS predictions and measurements of operational and future low-observability assets
Ten. J. Piccinotti - Italian Air Force
Managing Radio Frequency Compatibility on Satellite platforms
E. Scione - Thales Alenia Space Italy
12.00 Square Kilometer Array Project
Dr. P. Bolli - National Institute for Astrophysics
UAS employment and C-UAS experiences
Com. V. Spanò - Italian Army
Lightning modelling process for helicopter engine cable harnesses
J. Jenoulaz - Safran Electrical & Power
12.30 Reducing Phase Errors and Test Times for Phased Array Antennas
G. Ciampagnaro - Keysight
5G: satellite role and related issues
M. Brancati - Telespazio
Aircraft HIRF and Lightning analysis and simulation: future approach at Piaggio Aerospace
G. Marchesi - Piaggio Aerospace
13.00 Lunch
  Topic 7 - Antennas & EM Materials Topic 8 - EM applications in Automotive: EMC, ADAS, Antenna design and beyond Topic 9 - IoT / Industry 4.0 IDS Tour
14.30 Reducing Phase Errors and Test Times for Phased Array Antennas
Chairman: Prof. M. Orefice - Polytechnic of Turin, CNR-IEIIT
EM modelling in support to analysis/design/verification of automotive platform
Chairman: Dr. W. Savio - FCA
Speaker: - IDS
Pervasive Electromagnetics: the discreet enabler of the Industrial Internet of Things
Chairman: Dr. R. Cioni - IDS
Speaker: - Radio6ense
IDS Tour 2
15.00 Advances in graphene-based technology for radar-absorbing materials and stealthness
Prof. S. Sarto - Univ. of Rome “La Sapienza”
An Engineering Perspective on Developing Autonomous Vehicle Technologies
K. De Langhe - Siemens PLM
Technologies and Solutions for Industry 4.0
R. Turchi - Eurotech
15.30 Metamaterial absorbers for stealth applications in the THz frequency range
Prof. F. Frezza - Univ. of Rome “La Sapienza”
Synergic use of simulation and measurements for EMC-safe installation of a communications monitoring system aboard a vehicle
F. Pozzi - IDS
Electromagnetic high-fidelity modelling for highly resilient comunication for IoT
R. Cioni - IDS
16.00 Coffee Break
16.30 Technical Round Table - Aerospace&Defense EM Technologies
Chairman: A.Franzoni - Logic
Speakers: Ministry for Italian Airforce, CNSS, Nfotech, IDS, EMA, Col. Beccarisi - Italian Air Force, University
18.00 IDS Wrap-up

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