MEET 2016 12th - 14th October

Meeting Electromagnetic Engineering Technology



IDS Meet Conference Room

Today’s world is pushing towards “human life innovations” leveraging new products and services. Most of these are based on completely new technology applications: wireless communication, sensor based applications and the Internet of Things concept, autonomous cars/vehicles/drones, fast automation applications, etc. In engineering this means a quick growth of competence and technology in electromagnetic science!

IDS Galileo Suite GUI

In recent years, technological progress in electromagnetic science through enhancements in software and numerical techniques, in the integration of “physical testing/measuring” with simulation/virtual testing, and more has allowed significant advancement to be made in the field of electromagnetic engineering (EME) and has expanded the range of applications. This progress includes improvements in the basic modeling algorithms through the use of acceleration methods, optimized simulation tools using surface response algorithms and the increasing use of high performance computing (HPC). New synergies have also been created between modeling and measurement techniques, significantly improving the accuracy, effectiveness and interoperability of both. The time to market and development costs of products have been reduced through the inclusion of fast-prototyping tools in the design process. In addition, procedures for meta-material based devices, from design to manufacturing, testing and qualification, have been developed to complete the loop in creating innovative solutions.

In this context, MEET aims to facilitate collaboration among industry and academic experts allowing them to share the latest cutting edge aspects of EME technology through the use of real-case applications from around the world and to introduce various virtual and physical testing systems.

The agenda will also include open round table discussions on current key topics, keynote presentations from industry and academic leaders and the opportunity to request private technology sessions to discuss your specific issues or problems.



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